Hearing Aids Repair

At West Suburban ENT, we take care of all your hearing problems, our qualified practitioners perform all the necessary tests and check your hearing aids and offer hearing aid repair services. Here are a few helpful tips on the care of your hearing aids.

How to care for your hearing aid:

  1. Store hearing aid instruments in a safe place that's dry and cool.
  2. Check the batteries on regular basis so they don't suddenly run out of power.
  3. Switch off your hearing aid when not in use to conserve the battery.
  4. Battery contacts should be cleaned regularly using a cotton swab; if the battery contacts are dirty it can cause the device to not function properly.
  5. Removing Earwax from your hearing aid will prevent temporary malfunction or serious damage.
  6. Clean your hearing aid using a small brush or the soft cloth that comes with the instrument. Inserting tools into the sound outlet for cleaning purpose can damage the receiver.
  7. Collected earwax can prevent sounds from traveling from the hearing aid into the middle ear. If facing such problems you should contact your doctor to have your ear canals cleaned. Never try to remove the earwax from the ear yourself as it can damage your ear.
  8. Hearing Aids should NOT be worn while in the shower, swimming or when using a hair dryer/hair spray.

Looking for instant, individualized access to information about your hearing aid? Visit us at our four locations: Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Plainfield, Bloomingdale for more information.

Hearing Aid Brands

We provide you with answers, advice and tips you need to maintain healthy hearing. We also offer new patients comprehensive and valuable hearing evaluations as well as demonstrations of the world's finest hearing devices and technology. We supply most major brands of Hearing Aids including:

  1. Widex
  2. Starkey
  3. Siemens
  4. Oticon
  5. Phonak

With a caring, professional staff to serve our patients, you can always count on us!