Audiologists being health care professionals are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and procedures of hearing loss, balance complaints and other related conditions. They are trained practitioners to carry out detailed judgments by performing a number of specialized hearing and balance tests. In our audiology department we will decide if it is necessary for you to see an ear nose and throat doctor (ENT) based on your responses and the nature and type of your hearing problems.

West Suburban ENT Audiology

We study patients hearing, balance, and related disorders.  Our Audiologists treat those with hearing loss and ardently prevent related damage. At Westsuburban ENT Audiology we employing various testing methods, our goal is to determine whether someone can hear within the normal range, and if not, which parts of hearing are affected and to what level.

If an audiologist determines that a hearing loss or vestibular abnormality is present he or she will provide recommendations to a patient. For example:

  • Hearing aid
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Surgery
  • Other appropriate medical referral

You can trust West Suburban ENT Center for your hearing care needs:

  • Caring Audiologists
  • Hearing Tests: Audiogram, Tympanometry, Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Testing
  • Hearing Aid Service
  • Custom Accessories: Swim Molds, Ear Plugs, Cell Phones/IPod etc.

We have number of qualified and certified audiologists who will further take the patients case and start with the procedures and treatments. Hearing loss can be a major setback in ones life it can affect the patient mentally more than physically, one should take the symptoms seriously and visit an audiologist. We at West Suburban ENT guide you to our qualified audiologists who will take care of all your hearing problems, you can book and appointment online above or can CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT (630) 981-0032.